Who We Are

Our Mission

Reforms are won by large numbers of people focusing on a common goal. Social justice is securing reforms that increase awareness of the intrinsic sanctity of all God's creation. Richir Outreach aspires to be a social justice organization.

Our mission is to build tools that help large numbers of people to:

  • Contribute to a common goal and
  • Better value one another.

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Our Team

Jerimee Richir, General Director
Contact Jerimee at jerimee@richiroutreach.com
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Jason Ortiz, Lead Strategist
Contact Jason at jason@richiroutreach.com
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Scott Oates, Special Projects Assistant
Contact Scott at scott@richiroutreach.com
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Autumn Welles, Lead Developer
Contact Autumn at autumn@richiroutreach.com
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Nicole Benes, Associate Developer
Contact Nicole at nicole@richiroutreach.com
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Katie Atkins, Analyst
Contact Katie at atkins@richiroutreach.com
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Nazneen Ahmed, Special Projects Assistant
Contact Nazneen at naz@richiroutreach.com