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Creating branded bitly links

Submitted by Kate on December 3, 2010 - 1:52pm

If you have never used before, it is a great resource to know, especially if you use Facebook or Twitter. Rather than sharing long links that might break, you can create short links that automatically redirect to the page you are sharing. That keeps your tweets and Facebook posts short and to the point.

With Moms Rising, we took it a step further.

First, we purchased as our short URL. A short URL does not have to end in .ly, but can have any ending you like. When searching for a URL to purchase, we looked for ones that were 5 letters or less and in keeping with Moms Rising's focus. For instance, if your organization is focused on animal rights, you might choose a short URL such as, or Be sure that you understand all of the requirements to register a domain, especially one with an ending registered in another country, such as .ly or .al; some countries require that you have a domestic presence before you can purchase their domains.

Now that you have your short domain, you can sign up for a Pro account, which will walk you through all of the technical aspects of linking your new short URL with your account. This free service allows you to create custom short links with your new short URL. For Moms Rising, that means that all of the short links they create through their Pro account will appear as rather than Check out this link to see it in action:

Customized short links will ensure that your Tweets and Facebook posts have your branding and that followers and friends will trust that those links were created by you through It is also a unique opportunity for branding that many organizations overlook. Let us know if we can help you with your custom short links or training on, Twitter, Facebook, and more!