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Email Outreach

Submitted by Emerson on July 11, 2016 - 6:35pm

When it comes to effective digital campaigning, the best place to start is email. Email allows your organization to directly engage people with your cause for little to no cost. At Richir Outreach, we specialize in increasing the email presence of organizations. Today, we'll explain how.

1. Strong list-building

The most essential part of email campaigning is to have a strong and reliable list. Growing your email list starts with identifying the right people. There are several ways of going about this. You might already have a list of contacts that you've worked with before. Even so, certain services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads can route interested people to your page or petition. Other services, such as EveryAction, use other methods such as voter databases to target certain people.

2. Simplicity

Once you have a strong list, you have to make sure that people on your list are engaging with your emails. The number one tip we can offer when it comes to engagement is that LESS IS MORE. Effective organizations use email to communicate with their supporters in a way that is personal and engaging. Often, organizations seek to use complicated layouts for their email template, when simple is much better. Good email design is 99% invisible. You should not have to think about the design of your email messages; energy invested in designing email templates is more effectively spent on targeting and messaging. For most organizations a text only email will consistently outperform an email with graphics or layout elements such as columns.

Studies indicate that stripped down, simple form emails perform incrementally better than more elaborate formats as it relates to response rates. Avoid using images because images can make your email look more like spam, and therefore reduce your ability to get your message to the largest audience possible. Less clutter in the body of the email means readers are more prone to respond to your message.

3. Consistency

When campaigning via email, it is important to keep the pressure on once you start to gain some momentum. If there are any updates to your campaign or petition, let people know! Use every chance available to get the word out and get people engaged. With each email you send, more and more people will begin to take notice and it's up to you and your organization to keep them up to date with the latest news.

Digital campaigning is comprised of many elements and much of it occurs through email. Once you have your email campaign down, you can begin to explore different avenues—social media, ads, etc. Just remember to always keep your email campaign simple and consistent and you're sure to succeed!