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NationBuilder Release Version 2 Themes!

Submitted by Nicole on May 20, 2014 - 2:38pm

Part of our mission at Richir Outreach is to help small campaigns and organizations work within their budgets to create the best website possible. NationBuilder has always served as a robust solution for a reasonable price.

NationBuilder recently released the first of their version two themes, Aware. The version two themes offer several advantages for new nations over the older, version one themes. Version two themes are responsive out of the box. This means your content will scale appropriately based on someone's screen size. A user on a phone will have a different experience than a user on the desktop. This improves mobile engagement as the user experience is much more satisfying.

Version two themes also introduce a staged donation form. Stages donation forms became popular after President Obama used them to great success in the 2012 election. A stages form simply breaks the required information up into multiple pages. The first page is easy - click or press a big button with the dollar amount you want to donate. The form then displays a form which collects your information. Finally, the third page collects the payment information. Instead of presenting a perhaps daunting task of filling out all the fields at once, the stages donation gets the user invested in completing the form.

NationBuilder's version two themes are no compatible with any custom page templates that were created using a version one theme. While NationBuilder plan to continue to provide support for version one themes, they recommend any new project uses a version two theme. Richir Outreach is building our own internal version two theme for use with our clients.