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Roy Cooper attends, speaks at reception in Raleigh

Submitted by Emerson on May 23, 2016 - 2:06pm

On Wednesday, May 18th, a reception was held at the home of Christine and George Reddin in support of Roy Cooper's gubernatorial campaign. Cooper, North Carolina's current Attorney General, was in attendance and even gave a short speech to a room full of around 40-50 supporters, donors, legislators, and more.

The host, Christine Reddin, introduced Cooper. She referred to all of the leading voices in the room that came out in support of his campaign that evening. Names such as NC Senate Minority Whip Terry Van Duyn, who is up for reelection in the fall, and NC House Representative Tricia Cotham, who is running for US Congress this year, were in attendance. She also harkened back to a time when North Carolina was considered a progressive beacon of the South and how Cooper and his campaign are aimed at reversing the state's current regressive trend.

Upon the completion of his introduction, Cooper took the floor and immediately began to echo the sentiments expressed by Reddin. He spoke about pre-2012 North Carolina politics when Democrats last held the majority in the state legislature. To him and many others in the room, this was a time of upward mobility for the state. From its education system to infrastructure, healthcare, and so on, North Carolina continually did better in those arenas than its neighboring states and was known nationally as a force to be reckoned with.

Cooper went on to transition away from this past image of North Carolina to the way people around the country—and even around the world—now view our state. He touched on the recent national and international exposure that our state is now getting for its discriminatory laws and the steep decline in the quality of its public policy. He wrapped up by saying that that is not the North Carolina that he knows and that he would need the help of every single person in the room to get elected. He ended on a high note, promising that if he is elected governor, he will repeal the now infamous House Bill 2 and “make sure it stays repealed.”

In addition, I had the opportunity to speak with NC Democratic Party Chairwoman Patsy Keever about an article published in the News & Observer (which can be seen here) which shows her speaking on why North Carolina state democrats have requested public records related to Governor Pat McCrory's recent travels to make national media appearances. She responded abruptly and assuredly that “taxpayers have been funding the governor's expenses.”