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Tutorial: How to Create a Custom Email Template in NationBuilder

Submitted by Jerimee on May 10, 2011 - 4:54pm
This tutorial is out of date!

First, login to NationBuilder and go to the admin interface.

Navigate to Pages > Theme > New Custom Theme. Enter in a very specific name for your custom theme, like "Email Template, Month/Year," so you'll be able to find it later. Uncheck the box next to "Switch site to your new theme immediately." We don't want this option checked for this purpose. Click "Create," and then your new theme should be ready.

Once your custom theme is created you need to edit it!

To find the theme, go to Pages > Theme > Switch Themes. Scroll to your new custom theme, under the name you chose for it. Click "Edit" next to the name of your custom theme.

Next, click on "Emails" (or Pages > Templates > Emails). Double-check that your custom theme name is still the one you're editing. Click on 'layout_mailing.html' to open it.

Look at the current code. If you'd like to keep any of the current code, copy and paste it into your new template. Note: You will definitely want to include this code in this template file wherever you want the body printed in the email: {% yield %}. When you're ready, paste your new code into the editor, click save and publish at the bottom.

Now you have a customized email template!

Open a drafted email blast or create a new one. On the settings tab, you will now be able to choose a Theme - choose your new custom theme name. This will match the html file you just edited with your email!