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North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections

North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections coordinates lobbying efforts and advocacy reforms; provide groups with speakers, research and literature on money in politics; and coordinates leadership trainings and other programs that highlight how private money impacts politics. Their mission is to improve the democractic process in NC by discouraging candidates from accepting donations from special interest groups, and rely instead on their voters.

Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

Jamie Kirk Hahn’s was a life well lived. She was a wife, a daughter, a volunteer, a political activist, an animal lover, an idealist, and a friend to everyone she met. In her journal, Jamie wrote that by the end of her life, she hoped to have started something that had an impact. Her work, her values and her inspiration live on through the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation.

Richir Outreach helped create and launch their NationBuilder site, and will provide ongoing support and maintenance for the foundation website.

A Big Project

Richir Outreach was contacted to translate an idea of connecting diverse communities into an operable web tool. As the name implies, A Big Project was an ambitious NationBuilder powered site which we generated in a short time frame.

Using a variety of techniques the site engages its visitors in in 9 different languages.