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How Does NationBuilder Work?

NationBuilder combines the four pieces we discussed on the What Is NationBuilder page, and presents them in a graphical format. Once you have logged into your nation, these pieces (People, Website, Communication, Finances) will be listed across the top as menu items. Richir Outreach can help you figure out which pieces you need help with, which ones you can handle on your own, and how to put them all together with ease. You can choose from a wide variety of functions, and they are all included in the NationBuilder package.

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That's nice, but HOW does it work?

Technical Foundations of NationBuilder

NationBuilder is built upon and incorporates an array of software and service in order to work. While NationBuilder is not open source, many of these technologies are.

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NationBuilder is a Ruby on Rails application incorporating the following projects:

  • PostgreSQL - a SQL database
  • Redis - a networked memory service
  • MongoDB¬†- a document-oriented data store
  • Ruby Enterprise Edition (and Mod Rails / Passenger) - a scalable Ruby VM and Apache plugin
  • Apache Web Server¬†- HTTP server
  • HAProxy - proxy for spreading requests across many servers
  • Resque - a redis-based background job management system
  • RubyGems