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Jerimee Richir, Executive Director

Jerimee Richir helps progressive organizations implement online strategies that will maximize their community outreach and fundraising potential. To date, Jerimee has launched 50 distinct websites for political auxiliary organizations, authored over 250 short, individualized screencast trainings and provided ongoing and in-depth training to half-a-dozen individuals, previously without online tech skills, such that they can now be considered proficient in open source web development.

On the non-profit end, Jerimee designed and configured the open source framework for MomsRising's Share Your Story functionality, which has generated thousands of user submitted stories to communicate with and influence elected officials and journalists. Working with a minimal budget, Jerimee furthermore, doubled the size of the email supporters lists for a number of small non-profits. For example, he built up the email list of the Institute for Southern Studies from under 8,000 to over 15,000 opt-in subscribers.

Jerimee provided list enhancement services to the Elaine Marshall Senate campaign that built the campaign’s email list to over 150,000 records, establishing the base upon which that campaign raised over $700,000 in small contributions.

During the 2008 campaign cycle, Jerimee served the North Carolina Democratic Party as the Director of Online Organizing, the first-ever position of its kind for any state-level political party. By streamlining the party’s online outreach and social media networks as well as adeptly managing voter data, Jerimee helped foster a community of voters that brought in significant victories in the House, Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential races. He also increased the email list of the NC Democratic Party from under 8,000 supporters to over 45,000 (an increase of approximately 450%).

Prior to working for the Democratic Party, Jerimee worked for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), where he helped working class families organize for community improvements and legislative reform. During his five years there, North Carolina ACORN grew to over 3,000 member families. His work also led to minimum wage increases in NC, FL and MD.

Jerimee is proficient in the open source content management systems (CMS): Joomla, Wordpress, and especially Drupal. He is experienced in constituent relationship management (CRM) systems such as, ActionKit, Convio, VAN and Salsa. He is also familiar with various online programing and markup languages, including PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript and HTML and skilled in graphic and multi-media design programs including those packaged in the Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere and Soundbooth). Finally, Jerimee is comfortable with the culture, concepts and technology of various online communities and social media platforms.

Jerimee and Richir Outreach were among the first independent developers to customize and extend the proprietary CMS/CRM NationBuilder.

Jerimee graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in philosophy, lives in Raleigh, NC, and is a proud member of Raleigh Drinking Liberally.

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