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NationBuilder is a combination CRM/CMS with a user-friendly interface and capabilities suited to smaller non-profits and political campaigns. NationBuilder's front end can be easily customized to suit most website designs, while its back end is user-friendly, even for users with relatively little technical experience. NationBuilder is capable of storing large amounts of contact information, sending targeted email blasts, and processing donations, all from one place.

Richir Outreach has been working with NationBuilder since NationBuilder's early days. We have built numerous websites for both non-profits and political campaigns. We have also provided ongoing support for NationBuilder clients in the form of list building and campaigning.

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NationBuilder Clients

Louisiana Progress

Louisiana Progress is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting public policy that moves Louisiana ahead without leaving some of its people behind. They advocate policies that strengthen the middle class, protect the less advantaged, equalize opportunity, and ensure that businesses large and small have the tools they need to innovate, compete, and create well-paying, long-term jobs.

Richir Outreach built a NationBuilder site for Louisiana Progress in order to help them keep and grow their community base.