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North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections

North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections coordinates lobbying efforts and advocacy reforms; provide groups with speakers, research and literature on money in politics; and coordinates leadership trainings and other programs that highlight how private money impacts politics. Their mission is to improve the democractic process in NC by discouraging candidates from accepting donations from special interest groups, and rely instead on their voters.

For the North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections we efficiently redesigned and migrated their existing site. To do this we used an open source content management system (Drupal) and innovated upon an existing open source design solution. This balanced approach allowed Richir Outreach to deliver the work complete in under a week.

Since efficiency was a priority, we provided training and tools to allow the client to manage their own content and to do their own ongoing maintenance as necessary. Also, we set up a light weight hosting solution so that their ongoing overhead would be as minimal as possible. The end result was a hassle-free website that works better and costs less.