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Project - Drupal

Jack Nichols

We built the campaign website of Wake County Democratic Party Chair Jack Nichols when he ran for County Commissioner in 2010. He wanted a site that wasn’t overly complicated but allowed for communication between him, his potential voters, his volunteers, and his donors. So we implemented an open source solution that was intuitive and allowed users to easily add content and communicate what they wanted.

For online fundraising, we integrated with Drupal to facilitate campaign finance compliance and encourage donors to contribute online.

Blue NC

We have worked with BlueNC over several election cycles. Richir Outreach has served as a one stop shop for this DNC credentialed statewide blog. We have provided solutions for the blogging community's social media, design, web development, hosting, and data management needs. With over a thousand registered contributors, BlueNC serves a vital role as a social network for North Carolina's progressive community.


For the North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections we efficiently redesigned and migrated their existing site. To do this we used an open source content management system (Drupal) and innovated upon an existing open source design solution. This balanced approach allowed Richir Outreach to deliver the work complete in under a week.


For New York Communities for Change, we developed a web application that would allow users to search for schools in the New York City area and determine whether they had been tested for harmful chemicals and what the results of those tests were. This was an exciting project to use Drupal for a robust search tool.


We designed and developed a complete website for BiomedBuddy, utilizing many of the unique and powerful tools available with Drupal. The site enables biomedical engineers and healthcare workers to meet each other, discuss problems with their biomedical technology, and purchase parts and equipment. also has a series of tutorials and training videos that help healthcare workers learn how to use their equipment.