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Project - NationBuilder

Elect Michael Breyer

Michael Breyer is a great progressive candidate running for California State Assembly District 19. We worked with Michael and created an attractive custom NationBuilder theme for the campaign, capitalizing on the great organizing tools and features central to the NationBuilder platform.

Race to the Ballot

Late in 2011, we were contacted by our friends at New Kind to help with the burgeoning campaign against NC Amendment 1, which aimed at further legislating hatred and discrimination towards the LGBT community, and also clumsily stripped essential protections and rights from children, the elderly, and heterosexual domestic partnerships in North Carolina communities.

Sheryl Walton for City Council

When they came to Richir Outreach, Sheryl Walton’s campaign team already had a great start to conceptualizing their site design, they just needed a bit of help with the finishing implementation. That’s where we came in!

Among other improvements to the theme, we were able to implement a custom top navigation bar, as well as a customized splash page.

A Big Project

Richir Outreach was contacted to translate an idea of connecting diverse communities into an operable web tool. As the name implies, A Big Project was an ambitious NationBuilder powered site which we generated in a short time frame.

Using a variety of techniques the site engages its visitors in in 9 different languages.

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

For North Carolinians Against Gun Violence we created a custom NationBuilder theme, integrating their Minutes Matter program in addition to social media, CRM, and donation tools. This site will make it easy for NCGV to maintain an online presence without taking time away from their educational and outreach programs through a simple user interface and integrated web platform.

Get Money Out

Richir Outreach developed the NationBuilder site for Dylan Ratigan and United Republic's Get Money Out campaign, focusing on getting the influence of corporate money out of Washington. We customized NationBuilder's powerful organizing tools to work alongside Ratigan's on-air calls to Action and to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and more.