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ACLU of North Carolina & Equality NC is a joint partnership between the ACLU of North Carolina Legal Foundation and Equality NC. Its purpose is to raise awareness about 'religious liberty' legislation in North Carolina that legalizes discrimination against people based on who they are, who they love, or what they believe. Richir Outreach designed and developed the entire site using Drupal. We also assist with any technical issues that may come up.

Right to Know: GMO

The Right to Know GMO - A Coalition of States is a broad coalition of state leaders, nonprofit organization and organic companies that have a shared goal of winning mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods in the U.S. They are dedicated to regaining a basic right to know what we're eating and feeding our families.

Reinvestment Partners

The Reinvestment Partners' mission is to advocate for economic justice and opportunity, change in the lending practices of financial institutions to promote wealth building of underserved communities, and to end predatory lending practices that strip wealth.

We redesigned their site, as well as their blog.

Progress out of Poverty

Richir Outreach worked with Progress Out of Poverty, an initiative of the Grameen Foundation, on their Drupal 6 website and their Convio account to unify their website and email templates. We revamped their existing site and worked with Jen Simmons to develop a flexible custom Drupal theme. The site makes excellent use of Drupal's multiple language and translation management tools.

New York Communities for Change

New York Communities for Change is a group of low and middle income New Yorkers ..." working to ensure that every family throughout New York has access to quality schools, affordable housing, and good jobs."

For New York Communities for Change, we developed a web application that would allow users to search for schools in the New York City area and determine whether they had been tested for harmful chemicals and what the results of those tests were. This was an exciting project to use Drupal for a robust search tool.

North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections

North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections coordinates lobbying efforts and advocacy reforms; provide groups with speakers, research and literature on money in politics; and coordinates leadership trainings and other programs that highlight how private money impacts politics. Their mission is to improve the democractic process in NC by discouraging candidates from accepting donations from special interest groups, and rely instead on their voters.

Right to Know GMO

Right to Know GMO designed the goal of allowing folks to find out what is happening in the food justice movement near them. Featuring an interactive map, the site allows visitors to find information about the anti-GMO movement in their state.

Institute for Southern Studies

Richir Outreach has worked with The Institute for Southern Studies over three years on a variety of projects, from list-building, to supporter outreach, to building their current website. Richir Outreach provides ongoing technical support and general assistance to the Institute in order to support their work on an ongoing basis.