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Victoria Menjivar

Victoria Menjivar is a true progressive candidate for Alexandria (Virginia) City Council committed to representing all citizens of Alexandria with special emphasis on those those who are traditionally marginalized.

Her campaign needed a full powered website up ASAP. Using NationBuilder, Richir Outreach delivered custom design, custom functionality, and engagement solutions in under a week. We are proud to have played a small role in her campaign.

Video Page for Brave New Films

Brave New Films needed a page to display their featured videos, and they needed it to be easy to add videos to. We used NationBuilder and customized the page so that you can display the top three videos for multiple campaigns.

We didn't sacrifice NationBuilder's ease of use with our customization, so adding new videos to feature would be as simple as creating a new blog post.

Love Wins Dance

A small coalition of North Carolina families came together to fight against Amendment One, the proposed measure that would define marriage as between one man and one woman in the state’s constitution. With the help of NationBuilder and plain-old kitchen table conversations, about 20 families organized to hold a very successful fundraising event.

Courage Campaign: The 99% Plan

We created a NationBuilder powered site for Courage Campaign where supporters could submit their ideas for positive amendments to the California constitution. By crowd-sourcing the submission and review process, Courage Campaign will select the proposed amendment most likely to engage and empower their supporters. The NationBuilder platform allowed us get this site up and running in less than two weeks.