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Database Management

Databases and data storage are central to successfully engaging online networks and translating that into offline support for your cause. However, what a database management solution (commonly referred to as CRMs) has to offer in terms of engagement, it doubles in value with organization. A properly organized database can allow for the micro-targeting of individuals in your supporter list, and make it simple to test out different marketing strategies to key in on what really works for your organization. Recent history has proven that good CRM management is the equivalent of paving the road to success for nonprofit organizations and political campaigns.

Here at Richir Outreach, we have the tools and expertise to meet all of your data management needs, whether you need to build you list of supporters, or engage a list you already have. We have experience in all major CRM platforms including: Salsa, Civi, ActionKit, NationBuilder CRM functions, and many other database solutions. Richir Outreach is prepared to offer any data solution that fits the needs of your organization, whether your looking to grow a small list of a few hundred supporters, or manage a list of 1 million, we have experience doing both.