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Analytics with ThinkUp

Submitted by Jerimee on August 23, 2012 - 10:57am

Contributed by Kevin Flanagan

Do you understand the conversations, networks, people you’re communicating with on the
various social networks? Is your point getting across? There are a LOT of tools out there to help create and digest metrics, but what about looking over a long period of time? It's nearly impossible to look back at interaction on Twitter over a few months old, and Facebook analytics aren't automatically saved past a week or two.

Thinkup is an Open Source tool that solves the problem of looking at social media activity over time. It is basically a database of all activity that includes the ability to sort, analyze and publish to social media. You have to run ThinkUp on a PHP server, but cloud programs like PHP Fog make it easy if you're not experienced with PHP or databases. Think Up is being used in high traffic environments, such as the White House, to digest the feedback they get.

Connecting your accounts on Facebook and Twitter is the hardest part, but the directions make it work. And since ThinkUp is open source, there is a great community to refer to for help.

Give it a try! Find out your reach and isolate the things you say that resonate with your audience.