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Customized Tell a Friend Options Using NationBuilder

Submitted by Rachel on March 30, 2013 - 5:38pm

Any grassroots organization knows that getting people to invite their friends to join the cause is the best route to gaining momentum and growing an organization. For that reason, it's fantastic that NationBuilder has developed a tell-a-friend option that enables the same sharing online. Now, people can get involved in a nation and then tell all of their online contacts about the nation through Twitter, Facebook and email.

While this is great, Richir Outreach wanted to take the tell a friend scenario one step further. We wondered if we could do more than just add the "flash message" that comes native to NationBuilder. We wanted something that could be customized to a given campaign's message and would include more of a "call to action" approach.

So, we dove in and came up with this custom tell-a-friend solution for ActionNC, one of our clients. There are several benefits to employing a customized option, such as being able to:

  • include whatever text or images make sense to encourage support of your Nation.
  • customize the Facebook, Twitter, and Email buttons to match your theme.
  • explain the concept of the recruiter link, encouraging additional participation in your campaign. And,
  • include only those channels that make sense in terms of driving interest in your campaign!

Crafting a custom solution for your NationBuilder campaign gives you added influence over your community and additional control over the channels used for sharing. We encourage you to start thinking about ways to customize your own tell-a-friend page on NationBuilder. And, if you need help doing so, let us know!