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The Field Guide Manifesto

Submitted by Blake on February 19, 2015 - 12:29pm

In about three hours, our first day on the campaign trail will be complete. So far, it has been a fun ride - and there's 59 more to go...

For years now, some form of a Richir Outreach NationBuilder Field Guide has existed as part of an alternate reality. Today, it is closer to a reality than ever before. Throughout our tenure working as a custom NationBuilder shop, we have come across hundreds of well-meaning social justice organizations that wanted to continue their activism online - but didn't really know where to begin. These organizations have world-changing goals and shoe-string budgets. Typically, these organizations are trying to maximize their donors' dollars to serve their mission. Here's what we think - web development for activism shouldn't get in the way of that.

"We're about organizing for a mission. The tech that gets us there is just the tool."

In this same spirit, NationBuilder has created a powerful online activism tool. They have taken a huge leap towards streamlining the process so that great organizations and campaigns can focus on activism, instead of coding. As mentioned earlier, we have learned so much about this platform in our years of experience - and we want to help provide those last few steps for those who need them. Our goal is to make all of our powerful knowledge available to even the smallest organization, for as little cost as possible.

NBFG First Draft

As I have personally encountered dozens of times, social justice organizations are people-powered. It is why I love being able to work with them closely every day. No matter what the goal is, there is always a devoted staff, willing to put in an insane amount of dedication to make their community better for everyone. It's that spirited commitment to people that this country needs more of. What we want to do is pull together a comprehensive guide that helps organizers get their NationBuilder sites up and running. This absolutely isn't about re-inventing the wheel, or having an overwhelming guide to theme design. It is about the approach I mentioned earlier, using the tech provided as a tool to achieve our mission.

So today we turn to you - the community. We ask that you support us in our endeavor. Contribute to our campaign, and know that when you do, you are making it possible for another organization to use the phenomenal tools already in place for better organizing.

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