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Fine-tuning videos in NationBuilder

Submitted by Kate on October 5, 2011 - 3:32pm

NationBuilder uses, a service that lets you embed media with only a URL. That means no crazy embed code to fuss with, just the URL from your browser's address bar. That also means that you have limited control over the size of your media, especially videos. But what if you want to make your video bigger or smaller? We've got you covered.

NOTE: this tutorial explains how to add a YouTube video before or after the main content of a basic HTML page. To add your video to a different type of page or in a different place on the page, you'll have to dig a little deeper in the template.

Create a basic HTML page and add whatever content you would like in the Content tab. Don't add your video URL just yet, but go ahead and save your work.

On the YouTube page of the video you want to add, grab the embed code, selecting whatever size you'd like:

On your new NationBuilder page, click "Template" to see the HTML and Liquid Markup that control your page.

Paste your embed code either just above or just below {{ page.basic.content }}:

Save and publish, and you're done!