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Fun with Excel

Submitted by Ropo on June 14, 2011 - 2:50pm

Make Excel work for you and save lots o' time.

Here are some of my favorite tricks. 5-minute screencast on sorting, filters, and tricks for row height and width:

Sorting (the most basic must have thing)

  • select the entire sheet with the corner button (between column A and row 1)
  • Go to Data > Sort
  • If you have a header row, be sure that is checked.
  • Choose what to sort on.
  • Choose a secondary thing to sort on, if needed.
  • Choose A-Z, Z-A (high to low or low to high)
  • Save

Filtering (the most time saving and fun thing)

  • select the header row (click on the 1 on the left)
  • Go to Data > Filters
  • Then you'll have little filter buttons on your column headers.
  • Click on whichever one of these you want to filter on (as an example, if you want to filter 'apples' from 'types of fruit' column, click on the filter over types of fruit)
  • Then choose what you want to look at (same example, unselect all and then click just on apples)
  • Save
  • Now you will just see 'apples' or whatever you choose
  • The other data is still there, just the rows are hidden.