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How to Get a Password for a Facebook Connected Flickr Account

Submitted by Jerimee on June 26, 2012 - 4:40pm

Flickr lets you sign up for an account via your Facebook account, which is great for ease of use. But what if your organization's Flickr account is connected to a staffers' personal facebook? If you wanted to share that account with others you'd need to share her facebook password. That's a problem.

Here's how to prepare an traditional username and password for a Flickr account started via Facebook Connect.

  1. Go to “Your Account” (under You in the upper left of the screen), choose “Emails & Notifications”
  2. Identify the email address listed a the primary contact e-mail. This will be the username that you will share. Make note of that email address.
  3. Sign out of Flickr
  4. Click the link to “sign in again” to Flicker.
  5. Click the button to “Sign in as a different user” and click the link “I can’t sign into my account”. This will take you to a reset password screen.
  6. Make sure “I have a problem with my password” is selected and click Next.
  7. Type in the primary email address you made note of earlier and the security code then submit. Flickr will send a password reset link to this email account.
  8. Check this email account for the Flickr verification and follow the reset link.
  9. Enter the password you wish to share with your other users.
  10. You now can distribute the primary email address and the new password to your other users. This does not affect your Facebook security or the email address you have used. This does however give the alternate user the ability to change permissions and setting on the Flickr account so distribute the information selectively.