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Introducing Our NationBuilder Starter Package

Submitted by Meredith on May 14, 2012 - 2:07pm

Ready to get your NationBuilder site off the ground, but need a little help getting started? Richir Outreach is here to help!

Our team of tech-savvy organizers has tons of experience implementing successful campaigns with NationBuilder. We know firsthand what a powerful organizing tool it can be. However, we also understand that, for busy campaigns and advocacy organizations, getting started on a new platform can be daunting. We don't want a lack of time or resources to stand in the way of you of maximizing your Nation.

In response, Richir Outreach is proud to introduce our NationBuilder Starter Package.

The goal of our flat-rate Starter Package is that clients walk away with a highly optimized Nation that they feel more than comfortable navigating. We make sure that training and implementation take the lead, so that you can get started right away organizing supporters and getting the word out about your campaign. As an extra bonus, we'll also throw in 4 hours of customization work to get your Nation looking and feeling like you.

Interested? Read more here or contact us for a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!