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NationBuilder in the Field

Submitted by Jerimee on September 30, 2011 - 10:45pm

Tabling at an event? Doorknocking? Want a sign in sheet you don't have to do data entry for? NationBuilder has got you covered.

With Nationbuilder its easy to move visitors from action page to action page, getting and keeping them engaged. For example someone who pledges to attend an event might then be sent to a page to volunteer or donate. You set this page by entering the slug of the page you want the visitor to move to next, typically labeled "After signing, what page should they land on next?"

However, there are times when you may want to a visitor to be sent to a page outside of your website or a different page. In this case you will need to create a redirect page before filling in the value of the "land on next" field. You create a redirect as you would another new page (Pages > New page > and then select "Redirect" under type of page). After creating your page enter the full url (including http://) of the page you would like the visitor to be taken to after they take action.

Example: Your website has a petition After signing the petition rather than being sent to another page you want them to visit an external page To make this happen you would create a redirect page - let’s name it "redirect_to_ext_page". Then in the settings for the page you set the "land on next" field to the slug of the redirect: "redirect_to_ext_page" after someone signs.

Now rather than redirect to an outside page, you may want to redirect to a NB page but have it act different than normal.

For example, let's say you are tabling at an event or bringing a tablet out with you as you doorknock. You may want your sign up page or petition to allow someone to complete the form, but then log them out and redirect back to the same page for the next person to sign. This will allow you to collect as many signatures as possible from the same computer without having to manually log out each new user.

You can log someone out by having them go to Moreover, if you know the page id you can even set a destination after logout occurs by adding ?page_id=12 after logout (if you page id was twelve). You can get the page id by going to the edit screen of the page - the URL path of of the edit screen will show the page id right before "/edit".

Despite this, you still have a barrier because NB will only let you use a slug for the "land on next" field of the petition page. But the redirect will let you use the full URL you need. So create a redirect with the URL to log out and redirect back to the petition page and then set that redirect's slug as the "land on next" field of that same petition.

Here is what we did:

  1. We have our petition or sign up page:
  2. Let's say our petition has page id 12.
  3. We created a redirect:
  4. That redirect is set to: (logout will log the user out, and page_id=12 will take them back to the petition page)
  5. Finally, we went back to our petition and set the "land on next" field to slug redirect_to_ext_page

Now we'll have a petition perfect for lots of people to sign at events.