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NationBuilder Glossary

Submitted by Jerimee on January 26, 2012 - 9:58pm

Sure enough, this info is now out of date.

NationBuilder bills itself as a Community Organizing System (COS) combining a website Content Management System (CMS) with a Contact Relationship Management System (CRM). This means that not only can you build and maintain a website with NationBuilder, but you can also use NationBuilder to organize your community of supporters or volunteers in an interactive database, managing your social media, action campaigns, face-to-face contacts, email, texting and more.

Nationbuilder is comprehensive yet easy to use, but, like all comprehensive pieces of software it contains it’s own unique vocabulary that can take a while to get used to. The people behind Nationbuilder have their own great resources like their FAQ page, blog, screencasts, and theming documentation.

We've created a supplemental glossary to provide a reference for folks want more details without diving directly in. The glossary is roughly structured after NationBuilder's internal admin navigation. The publicly shared google spreadsheet is available at:

Important note: we don't consider this list of terms to be nearly as useful for most purposes as NationBuilder's own excellent documentation. Additionally, this document was created on Jan 26th, 2012, likely won't be updated, and may contain mistakes.