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Permissions in NationBuilder

Submitted by Jerimee on August 30, 2011 - 5:19pm

NationBuilder offers limited granularity in customizing the user permissions that can be granted to supporters, staff, and volunteers. NationBuilder permission levels are set to promote ease of use by preserving sensible, intuitive defaults.

Per NationBuilder documentation, the following permissions can be assigned:

  • Administrator: Full access
  • Staffer: Full access to the control panel, but will not be able to change your plan or billing info.
  • Leader: Full access to the control panel, except for the financial dashboard, and any importing/exporting of people.
  • Intern: Full access to the control panel, except for the financial dashboard, publishing pages, importing/exporting, sending email/text blasts, tweeting, and posting to Facebook. Interns can create pages and email blasts, but they must be sent by a leader, staffer, or administrator.

These permissions are designed for nation administrators, and not meant to limit access to non-administrative visitors, supporters, or users of the "nation" website. You can block the public from view certain pages and limit those pages to solely administrators of the nation, but steps must be taken in order to restrict pages from some supporters and not others.

To assign permissions for the non-administrative public you have some options that can be assigned on page by page level. Those vary by page type.

Alternately, you can set membership levels to provide by user permissions. While membership levels are currently oriented toward paid membership, you can manually assign memberships to users without a payment occurring, and thereby grant access to content that is restricted to that membership level.

Those looking to build web applications that depend upon specific permissions being granted when unique conditions are met will need to test NationBuilder to determine if it can meet that need.

NationBuilder is rapidly improving and new features are being added every month. This information is correct, to the best of my knowledge, as of August 30th.