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Raleigh chapter hosts littleBits event

Submitted by Kady on July 14, 2015 - 2:03pm

Saturday, July 11, marked the beginning of a brand new adventure for the Raleigh-Durham area. The first ever meeting of Raleigh littleBits chapter took place. People of all ages and disciplines explored the world of electronics in an open and open-source environment. The Triangle area, which has been referred to as the Silicon Valley of the East by Newsweek, is the perfect fit for a a littleBits chapter, where tech enthusiasts can gather and create.

The theme of this first event was part of a national littleBits campaign called the BitOlympics. The goal of this challenge is to create or modify an existing Olympic sport using the automation that littleBits provide. The session resulted in a wonderful degree of brainstorming. From the creation of a littleBit operated mini-skier (you can see his trial runs in this video ), to a littleBits powered ski lift cleverly designed by a chapter member in the third grade!

Even the first taste of littleBits has been successful for the community of Raleigh. Engineers and organizers alike joined to create wonderful mechanically automated inventions - open to people of all knowledge and skill levels due to the accessibility of littleBits.

For more pictures of our first event, visit our RaleighBits tumblr!

A little about the Bits...

Ayah Bdeir, founder of littleBits, wants to "put the power of engineers in the hands of artists and designers."

littleBits are electronic modules which snap together with magnets. Each module performs one function (light, button, sound, etc.).

They are also color coded.

  • Green is output
  • Blue is power
  • Pink is input
  • Orange is wire

Anyone can take a set of littleBits and, without any significant knowledge of engineering, build projects incorporating movement, light, and other dynamic processes.

Little bits is open source, you can download the design specs here: