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Richir Outreach at RootsCamp 2012

Submitted by Bianca on December 6, 2012 - 5:24pm

This past weekend, two of Richir Outreach’s own had the privilege of attending the 7th annual RootsCamp “Unconference” in Washington, D.C. For those of you who are unfamiliar with RootsCamp, it is described as a place where organizers set the agenda, share lessons learned, and drive the conversation about best practices in organizing. Being so close to the election, all of the organizers in attendance were fresh off the campaign trail and because of this, the theme was “What’s Next?”.

It was an exciting place to be for those who are involved in the progressive movement. It was especially interesting to see both the issues that drove the recent election, but also will determine the future of the politics of the left. Instead of a tradition pre-determined schedule of events,the conference was organized by “The Wall” where organizers and sponsors alike could propose session topics; during each time slot there were 27 sessions going on at once! Needless to say there was an abundance of interesting sessions to attend.

Richir Outreach attendees made a point to attend a variety of different session topics to get a deeper sense of what is next with progressive organizing, and more importantly: what is next for the issues that our clients are passionate about.We attended sessions to support our clients such as “Is the Mic On? Time to talk about solutions to gun violence” which included Coalition to Stop Gun Violence organizer Lori Haas as a panelist.

We also attended plenty of sessions geared toward web development such as “The rise of mission-driven content and the role of advocacy groups in making and distributing it” and “We are all media: How organizers can frame the political conversation online and why it’s vital that we do”. Richir Outreach learned a lot of new tools and valuable strategies that we are excited to share with our clients. We learned about the importance of checking Google trends for words to include in your site or email headlines for SEO, and ways to get the most out of social media by making sure content is engaging followers rather than broadcasting to them. We also saw some innovative ideas developing; for example social media strategist Beth Becker (follow her on twitter: @spedwybabs) brought up the possibility of making an auction on Pinterest as a fundraising tool for progressive organizations.

Richir Outreach got a chance to see what’s next for important issues in the progressive movement; so, what’s next for Richir Outreach? We are always learning how to grow and develop as a company dedicated to furthering the missions of the progressive organizations we work with. RootsCamp gave us some excellent insight into how to develop the tools that we work with and how we can better help our clients attain their goals.