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Salsa donation page best practices

Submitted by Autumn on July 16, 2013 - 6:13pm

Salsa is a powerful CRM that integrates donations (among other tools). Below are the guidelines we suggest when creating a new donation page in Salsa for your organization.

  • Always provide donation amounts. We recommend starting at $10.
  • Always provide at least these two follow-up emails.
  • Reply email thanking the donor and acting as a receipt.
    • "Dear ..."
    • donation amount
    • what the donations are used for
    • any relevant tax information
  • Individual email notifying organizers of a new donation.
    • donation amount
    • link to donate page
    • link to donation information page
  • Redirect to a thank-you page OR fill in the thank-you page text.
    • In either case, you should have "tell a friend" links so donors can share the page with their peers.
  • Ensure you fill in a Default Tracking Code that is descriptive of the donation page.


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