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Storify and NationBuilder

Submitted by Meredith on June 26, 2012 - 11:12am
Ever heard of Storify? Apparently some people have - it won a social media award at SXSW Interactive this year. Nevertheless, I hadn't really spent much time on the platform - so I decided to do a little research. Turns out, Storify is a platform that allows users to easily bring together related digital content such as social media, news articles, videos, and images by aggregating them in a timeline-type format. Seemingly one of its best benefits is that it makes it easy to share multiple types of media in one place, without having to wrestle with various embed codes. Once you’ve created a (free) account, making a new storyboard is as easy as selecting “Create Story.” You can then search by keyword for relevant media to incorporate into the Storify platform, right there in the Storify platform. Media options include Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google, “breaking news” RSS, etc. Find stories that you like, then drag and drop them to where you’d like to feature them in your story. When you’re ready to share, just hit publish, and your storyboard goes live. Naturally, here at Richir Outreach, we were interested in taking this research one step farther, to see how we could use Storify’s storyboarding in conjunction with NationBuilder. Each Storify story comes with its own embed code. To embed your story on your NationBuilder page, you can't just paste the url in the content editor - you’ll need to edit the page at the template level. Grab the embed code for your Storify story, and paste the script in the “text-content” div where you see your page content being called in. On a basic page, it looks like this: Although adding the embed code to the page template may seem like a hassle to the code illiterate, once the embed code is in the template of your page, your story will show up on Nationbuilder just like it appears on Storify. Even better, every update that you make on Storify from then on will also update automatically onto your NationBuilder page. This way, you can continually curate and update your social media content from Storify’s user-friendly platform, rather than having to interface with the NationBuilder editor. Interested in using Storify on your NationBuilder site? Watch our screencast to watch us walk through the process: