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Training Materials

Submitted by Jerimee on July 24, 2012 - 10:46am

Do you want to be able to run your website? Learning code can be hard, but we have found some great resources to get you started. Some of these sites have tutorials and videos, others are great points of reference for code, snippets, and best practices. No matter what your code knowledge is, these resources can help you code better, faster, and friendlier.

All-Around Good Guides

w3Schools is a great reference guide for most popular coding languages. This site is especially good for beginners and provides short tutorials and examples of how to use code.
For webpage design, CSS Tricks is a great resource. The site has articles, forums, video tutorials, and more to help make your site look stunning.
The online magazine Smashing Magazine has a wealth of articles on coding, design, user experience, and more.

Javascript & jQuery

CodeAcademy has structured courses in Javascript and jQuery that start off easy but have a steep learning curve. Stick with it and you'll be a pro in no time.

Liquid & NationBuilder

Shopify has a good wiki on the basics of using Liquid that is great for beginners.
The site is a Liquid cheat sheet of useful snippets. Made originally for Shopify, most of these cheats are also useful in Nation Builder.


Mustard Seed Media focuses on Drupal for church websites and has a lot of video tutorials, especially for modules.
Lullabot is a company that develops and supports modules on Drupal. Their Ideas section has a lot of useful information on learning and using Drupal.


Smashing Magazine has compiled all of their guides and latest articles on WordPress in one handy location for novices and experts alike.

Design & UX

Likewise, Smashing Magazine has compiled all of their Photoshop articles and Usability & User Experience articles. It's a one-stop solution for design or UX problems or inspiration.
ColourLovers is a popular tool for creating color palettes or finding color inspiration.

Bonus Points!

Since we in the online world are always collaborating, it is most useful to write code that is useful to others. This article suggests some best practices for writing code that is developer-friendly.