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Using Git with Pantheon

Submitted by Kady on July 30, 2015 - 11:35am

Set up a Pantheon Account

First, make sure you have your own Pantheon Account.

If you don't, go get Pantheon and follow the instructions.

Once you do, make sure you're set up as a team member on a site.

Install Git

Install Git on your computer. Don't worry about setting up a repository just yet. Just make sure you have Git installed on your computer.

Set up your SSH Key

  1. Open Git GUI.
  2. Click on Help > Show SSH Key.
  3. Click "Copy To Clipboard".
  4. Go to your Pantheon dashboard and click on "Account".

  5. Now click on "SSH Keys".
  6. Paste your key into the box and click on "Add Key".
  7. You're done!

Clone the Pantheon Repo onto your computer

  1. Right click any folder and select "Git Gui"
  2. Click "clone existing repository"
  3. Add your source
  4. Copy the git info from Pantheon:
  5. Paste it into the "source" box in your Git dialogue.
  6. Be sure to remove the bit at the end so that the Git info ends in a ".git"

    Example repository.git richir-outreach - delete richir-outreach


    • ssh:// nc
    • ssh://
    • Add your target
      • Browse to the place you want the folder to be and select it then add your folder to the end of the directory field:
      • For example, say you have a folder called "git" on your "C:" directory. Navigate there via "browse" and select it. you should see "C:\git" in the "target directory" field. From there you want your repository showing up in a folder called "mywebsite," so just add "/mywebsite" to the end of "C:\git" to make it "C:\git\mywebsite"
    • click "Clone"
    • Grab a drink because it might take a while.

    And you're done!