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Who are Non-Supporters in NationBuilder?

Submitted by Meredith on March 27, 2013 - 3:19pm

NationBuilder has a lot of integrations that allow you to easily track who is interacting with your Nation, and in what ways. When tracking your people data, NationBuilder puts people records into three different categories: Supporter, Prospect, and Non-Supporter.

In most cases, it’s fairly clear who your Supporters are – they are the people who have actively opted in to your Nation via a variety of actions such as: signing up for emails, taking action on a petition, donating, following you on Facebook or Twitter, or some other similar process. These folks are your advocates.

Similarly, Prospects are more or less clear cut. They are the folks who you want to bring over to your cause. Some examples of people whom you’d import as “Prospects” are a list of media contacts, potential voters, perhaps an external list that hasn’t directly opted in to your campaign yet, etc.

The one place where there is room for a little bit of explanation in these definitions, however, is around “Non-Supporters”. You can’t import people as Non-Supporters. So, how does NationBuilder convert people to this status? Lets look at a few instances:

Unsubscribes – The most basic, and common way for people to be converted to “Non-Supporters” is by unsubscribing from your email list. This of course happens on every cause and campaign, and should be carefully documented and respected – no one wants to continue getting emails after they have opted out!

However, as with anything, use this as a learning opportunity. As of this writing, NationBuilder does not have an easy way to search for just unsubscribes via their advanced search tool (although you can easily toggle non-supporters), so enhance your data by adding a tag to your unsubscribe page under the Page Settings. Or, create a campaign-specific unsubscribe with a certain tag. That way, you can see who is specifically unsubscribing from your list and, in the case of campaign specific unsubscribe, where.

Bad Email - If some of the initial supporter records you imported were attached to bad or outdated email addresses, than their profiles are converted into "non-supporters," even if you imported them as supporters. Yet another reason to be meticulous with cleaning your data before import!

Social Media- Because NationBuilder integrates with both Facebook and Twitter, it treats users of both in specific way.

With Facebook, people who "like" your Facebook posts (but not your organization’s Facebook page) will be brought in as non-supporters. So, if one of your Facebook fans shares a link, and the link gets shared and passed around, everyone who likes it will be added as a non-supporter, and their NB profile is just a name and link to their Facebook profile. People who actually like your org's Facebook page are, of course, pulled in as supporters.

In the case of Twitter, people who re-tweet or mention your broadcaster's twitter account, but who are not actually following you will be brought in as non-supporters and prospects.