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Your broadcaster's Email Address Matters

Submitted by Jerimee on February 23, 2012 - 11:05am

Content created with helpful advise from NationBuilder and from their post on how to optimize email deliverability.

When you are getting ready to send emails from your NationBuilder site here are the first things you have to do:

  1. Custom domain on NationBuilder. So, instead of Here's how.
  2. Set up emails on your custom domain. Like matches to This is done through google aps. Instructions here.

~ OR ~

  1. If you are using NationBuilder blasting as a supplement to a domain that is not in NationBuilder DNS (including a CNAME to a NationBuilder site), you need to add the records in your email DNS settings -

If you have a sponsor or a partner organization working with you, it's easy in NationBuilder to create a broadcaster with their name and the email address, "," or you could create a reply account for that person on your own domain.

Do not send emails from yahoo/gmail, or any email address except from your custom domain which matches the site your are sending the email from. "Why's this?" you say? Adriel Hampton of NationBuilder explains it, "The biggest reason to not send emails from yahoo/gmail is because they are free hosting providers, and that is a flag for spammers. That's a big no no. What's less of a no no is sending email from another domain other than one which has your SPF/DNS settings set properly. It's a bad idea still, but not as bad as the generic domain thing. Email services interpret the practices of sending from one domain address as the reply when the IP is attached to a different domain as spoofing, one of the most egregious spam tactics. It is very inadvisable."

If you need a hand with the DNS setup, NationBuilder provides that technical support through