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With full-time campaigners on staff and experience managing advocacy and political campaigns, Richir Outreach can help organize your campaign from the ground up. We’ll lay out a plan and create a network of support and publicity. We’ll create your campaign website, and bring in our analytics and SEO experts to help maximize traffic and make sure your audience is connecting with the website.

Our campaign support spans all elements of driving action online and converting it into real world change. Our campaign support services focus on 4 things:

List building: The bigger your list of contacts, the greater your reach and ability to mobilize individuals toward united action. We work with our clients to devise strategies to gather greater numbers of emails, phone numbers and social media followers.

While having a large list is surely a good thing, we strive to keep lists strong as we grow. This means focusing on recruiting folks who are passionate about your cause, the "True Believers". This will ensure higher open rates, higher action rates, and give you a more honest understanding of your capacity.

Fundraising: With digital tools making online donations quick and easy, the potential for online fundraising is huge.

We will help you devise a compelling fundraising campaign that utilizes email appeals, promotional gifts, and crowdfunding to help you achieve your fundraising goals.1

Driving action from your list: Every organization has different goals, but all can benefit from driving action online toward offline goals. Creating petitions, action alerts, phone call bombs or driving supporters to live events will all help you achieve your goals and push for real world change.

Media hits: Raising awareness about your organization and cause will help you build credibility, recruit supporters, and grow your ability to mobilize large scale action. Richir Outreach can help you better contact media outlets to secure earned media opportunities.

In addition, we can provide the strategic support necessary to use paid media in a targeted way, utilizing contemporary targeting methods that allow you to spend your precious dollars advertising directly to those most likely to join your cause. Too often, paid media is expensive. The majority of the expense is wasted on those who are not interested. By using targeted online advertising, you can be sure that each ad goes to someone with a high likelihood of interest in your organization.

While we provide fundraising support, we can not commit to raising a specific number for you. An organization's ability to raise funds is directly related to the strength of the relationships you develop with your supporters. We can provide strategic support but the success of any fundraising campaign is ultimately in your hands.